The Children's Garden Preschool

Author: Sally Hansen

The Children’s Garden Preschool is committed to educating the whole child — head (thinking), heart (feeling), hands (doing).

Our goal is to provide a safe, nourishing and nurturing environment in which children are guided in exploring their intellectual, emotional, social and creative capacities.

Our mission is to meet the young child in their place of wonder; to honor each child’s sense of self and to help them foster their confidence in the world; to cultivate understanding, cooperation and communication by way of the learning through living approach.

As a holistic learning environment, our program fosters natural learning through living in creative play, singing, movement, story, joyful work, outside play and nature walks.

The magic and wonder of childhood is honored through an approach that nurtures the young child’s healthy physical, emotional and intellectual development.

We believe children naturally learn about themselves and the world around them through their observation and imitation of the surrounding adults and their environment.  Our staff holds this awareness and models the behavior we wish to foster in the children (IE: kindness, compassion, confidence and respect).

Our preschool program accepts children two years through five years of age. The primary criterion of eligibility is the child’s emotional readiness to be separated from his/her parents.

The Children’s Garden is a private, tax exempt, not-for-profit preschool serving children and their families in the Grant Park and Ormewood Park neighborhoods, Southeast Atlanta, and surrounding communities. We employ a highly experienced, professional team of teachers dedicated to early child learning and nurture.


Located at the corner of Sydney Street and Park Avenue, across from Grant Park. Enter through the double red doors, lower level of Park Avenue Baptist Church, on Sydney.

486 Park Ave SE
Atlanta, GA 30312
Fulton County
Hours of Operation
Preschool: Tuesday - Friday from 9:30 to 1:30
Office: Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 2:00


sally hansen
404-624-8591  Executive Director, The Children's Garden Preschoo

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