FLOW Training

FLOW Training with Caroline Correll ~
Respect your body's strengths and rhythms,
Ensure a zest for living from the inside out!

Who: Anyone who wants to respect her body’s signals, anyone who wants to move with delight and strength! Meet Caroline Correll, AFAA-certified personal and group fitness trainer, whose compassion and sensitivity will help you realize and appreciate your body’s ability to meet your mind and heart through tuning in and working out!

What: A workout customized to your unique needs and wants! Want to feel grounded? I’ll bring the dumbbells, bands and balls. Want to step it up? I’ll bring The Step® and hearty music for enlivening dance-type aerobics or interval training. Want to center the mind, heart and body? Grab your yoga mat, and let’s breathe. Not sure? We’ll go with the flow and figure it out.

Where: In the comfort of your own home or neighborhood park.

When: I’m flexible and can make my time meet your time. Let’s do it!

Why: Every body is different. Every day is different. Sometimes we need to take it lightly with some flowing movements, sometimes we need to shake out some energy with fun cardiovascular movement like dancing or running, sometimes we need to ground ourselves with strength training, sometimes we need to center ourselves with our breath and body awareness – sometimes, we need all four!
mybodyflow.com or [email protected]

Atlanta, GA 30309
Fulton County
Hours of Operation
7 days/week

404-5411248 (fax)

Caroline Correll
404-210-6752  Personal Fitness Trainer, FLOW Training