PSS Injury & Wellness Center

PSS Injury Center is an Orthopedic Physican Group that Offers:

1. Advanced pain management and rehabilitative methods to eliminate pain and keep it from recurring.
2. Orthopedic Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Chiropractic Care, Physiotherapy, Certified Athletic Training.
3. Non-surgical approaches for physical stress injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome and back/neck pain.
4. Offer products for people with carpal tunnel syndrome, such as the NaturalPoint Hands-Free Mouse, Arch Assist Palm Support.
5. Friendly, professional staff.
6. Appointments for physical stress relief and prevention daily
Educational Seminars on physical stress & injury prevention.

749 Moreland Avenue
Bldg C-106
Atlanta, GA 30316
Fulton County
Hours of Operation
Current Hours are Mon, Wed and Fri 8:30am - 7:00pm. Hours will be expanding soon.