The Children's Garden Preschool

At The Children’s Garden Preschool, we offer a child-centered program that caters to all learning individualities through activities such as morning greeting, free play, circle time, yoga, music, dramatic play, community building, reading and language arts, cooking, outdoor activities and the play garden.

Through play, we lay the groundwork for learning. We help intellects grow and imaginations emerge.

We support children in their first efforts in making friends, nurturing self-esteem and confidence. Child social development is one of our most important concerns.

A regular but flexible schedule for classroom and play garden time helps children learn to adapt to daily routines. These routines provide the children a supportive environment to explore and develop their independence through daily experiences. By encouraging the individual child to pursue his or her interests from among the many varied activities available, we foster the development of self worth, independence, initiative, cooperation and friendliness.

South Atlanta (SAND)  
Atlanta, GA 30316


1084 Woodland Avenue, SE
Atlanta, GA 30316
Fulton County
The Children's Garden Preschool
1084 Woodland Avenue, SE
Atlanta, GA 30316 The Children’s Garden Preschool is committed to nourishing and strengthening the innate creative gen...
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The Children's Garden Preschool

Hours of Operation
Children come to preschool from 9:25am to 1pm each Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Business hours are 9am to 1pm each of these days.


Sally Hansen
404-624-3491  Director/Teacher, The Children's Garden Preschoo