Public Safety

Councilmember Winston's ride-along with the APD

On June 30th, Councilmember Jason Winston had the opportunity to do a ride-along with City of Atlanta Police Department Interim Chief Schierbaum, to look at some locations in our district known for rampant illegal activity. They were joined by other APD officers; including our local beat Ofc. J. Woods, as they did some drug and gun sweeps at local businesses that have been plagued by violence and illegal activity.

During the sweep, they were able to find drug paraphernalia stashed inside two locations.  The police routinely do these unannounced sweeps at locations drug dealers stash these items where they meet potential buyers. They do this so these items are not in their possession if the police were to do any routine checks on their person if they were seen committing other crimes. 

Councilmember Winston was able to see firsthand how difficult this job is for our police officers, and personally thanks them for their commitment to protecting our city. He is truly grateful to Chief Schierbaum for this opportunity.

Grant Park Security Patrol (GPSP) is a nonprofit corporation (IRS 501C4), which hires off-duty City of Atlanta police officers to patrol the streets of our neighborhood to supplement the regular patrols of APD. Although "off-duty," these police officers still retain full policing powers, allowing them to stop and question suspicious persons, ask for IDs, and check for prior arrests and outstanding warrants.  Patrol schedules are constantly updated to address the crime patterns the neighborhood experiences. For more information or to join the Grant Park Security Patrol, contact our Security Chair Chris Newman, or visit

Public Safety
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