Report Streetlight Problems

Streetlights reduce crime and increase community pride.

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Please report streetlights that are burnt out or blinking on-and-off by calling the numbers below.
For streetlights on a METAL pole, City of Atlanta residents should dial 311.
For streetlights on a WOODEN pole call Georgia Power at 888.660.5890.
With Georgia Power you will need to provide the following voice prompts when prompted:
"Help me with something else"
"Outdoor lighting"
"Problem with outdoor lighting"
When asked if the light is on your property say "no"
Please provide the following information when reporting:
  • Specify the problem since the repair requires a photocell for a cycling light (a light that is going on and off at night) rather than a bulb replacement.
  • Specify the closest house number on the street and the location on the street (north, south, east or west side of the street).
If a tree is blocking light from a street light please call 404-546-6762.
Thanks for keeping the neighborhood safe and happy!

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